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What Affects the Cost of Professional Tile Cleaning Service?

The Price for a Clean Tile

It’s common knowledge that when it comes to professional cleaning services, companies usually charge a lot more than they should. And that the only way to get a reasonable estimate is to ask a lot of questions and do a lot of research. The price of having your tiles cleaned might be affected by the three variables listed below.

Tile Condition

If your tile is in good condition and only needs a gentle cleaning, chances are that the cost of your service will be much cheaper than if it has a lot of stains and grime. Often, we find that lightly stained or weathered grout is the easiest to clean, but if your tile has a severe stain or damage, you’ll have to look into getting it fixed or replaced.

Tile Size

These days, many professionals will provide free estimates, and the cost of your tile cleaning service can depend on their size. If you have large tiles with chipped or cracked surfaces, you will have to pay more for the cleaning, as the tiles will need a more thorough cleaning and the damage will need to be repaired. Larger tiles will also take longer to clean since there’s more surface area.

Tile Make

If you have a lot of tiles that are from the same brand and model, the cost of your service will vary depending on their make. For example, a particular make of tile might be more expensive to clean than another or have more complicated stains on them. The best way to find out the cost of the cleaning service is to ask your provider to provide you with a quote for the entire house.

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