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Perfect time to enjoy the view from your home to the world outside is now. There is nothing like clean and beautiful windows. As a professional window cleaning company, we will scan your glass for broken thermals, and other signs of wear. Windows that are not maintained can stay dirty indefinitely.  Glass is porous – dirt can carve it. Window cleaning is simple maintenance process that will improve the look of your property and increase its value. We can safely clean windows all the time. We appreciate every one of our customers, whether we are providing service once-in-awhile or a two times per week, each client receives our very best. We offer you other services to help you keep your home or office, find out more about our tile cleaning service.

Window cleanerUsing the latest technology has enabled us to clean your windows safely, without the use of ladders.This eliminates the risk of harm to brickwork, tiles, guttering and lawns that ladders can cause.Using a water fed pole we draw purified water onto your windows and gently clean off any dirt with a soft brush. After rinsing, the window is left to dry naturally, usually within about 30 mins depending on the weather.

Whether in your home or at your business, clean windows just look good… We’re brightening rooms and attitudes all over the area. VIP Carpet Cleaning is a clening company that you can be happy with, contact us today and find out why. We are just a phone call away !