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Our quality equipment, trained technicians and safe products have made VIP Carpet Cleaning a top choice in regard to residential and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning. Contact with us and choose our quality furniture and upholstery services.

Reupholster upholsteryWe use steam and dry cleaning methods because each home’s fabrics are unique and need special treatment. Our upholstery cleaners always thoroughly discuss the process with the owner to decide which method to use and to clarify needs and expectations. If there are problem areas, the technician will discuss the options for treatment and correction before beginning the cleaning process.

The first step of our upholstery cleaning service is to vacuum all fabrics to remove loose soil. We then pre-treat the fabric and correct any problem areas that may have been discussed before rinsing and extracting the stains and cleaning products from the fabric.

Do you want to give your whole house a new look and style without the hassle of buying all new furniture? Have your children run a muck across your furniture leaving you with a sticky, greasy, and often smelly sofa that is no longer your place of rest or entertaining? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to invest in furniture and upholstery cleaning services of VIP Carpet Cleaning.

If you need carpet or upholstery cleaning or a through window wash, fell free to contact us: (909) 766-2309