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When you look for a quality, available carpet cleaner or a carpet cleaning company that you can trust, try VIP Carpet Cleaning! We work hard to be on time to clean your tiles, carpets or windows.

VIP Carpet Cleaning
Address:  626 N Dearborn St #209 Redlands CA, 92374-3952
Phone: (909) 766-2309

by Whitney on VIP Carpet Cleaning
Great job!

My old ugly furniture look like new one after upholstery! VIP Carpet Cleaning give entire new look of my house.

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There are things in your carpet that can be dangerous to you and your family’s health. Things like microscopic particles, especially in the high traffic areas may cause allergies and irritations. There could be many years worth of dirt, soil and odor that can become trapped deep in the fibers of your carpet and the only way to remove them is to hire a professional who has the knowledge and tools to rid your carpet of these odor causing bacteria. For more information about us, check our carpet cleaning services.

Carpet cleaning red and whiteWhen our carpet cleaners arrive at your home, they”ll explain you what they will do. This helps so that you know what to expect. They’ll move any furniture to provide a thorough, deep cleaning. Some furniture we may not be able to move, such as beds or entertainment centers, but they’ll clean under them too.

To start the cleaning, our carpet cleaners will vacuum the entire floor. This is an important step that allows us to pickup any loose dirt that’s on the carpet. Next they”ll use our unique cleaning formula to the carpet. Any dirt or grime that is stuck on the carpet fibers will break down, allowing us to pick it up with our powerful cleaning equipment. If there are any areas that need special cleaning service, our employees may apply our cleaner a second time and then remove both the cleaner and grime with our cleaning machines. The last step we take on most carpets is to rake the carpet with a specific carpet rake. This helps the carpet fibers stand up, the carpet dries faster, and will help make your carpet look like new.

Contact us (909) 766-2309

When we end the cleaning our carpet cleaners will move the furniture back, so you there won’t any worries. They will also place small pads under the legs of the furniture to prevent scars from forming and transferring onto the carpet. Our staff puts the highest priority on having your carpets cleaned and all of your cleaning needs will met our standards.